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Rosta has a range of tensioning systems and solutions to meet any need.

Rosta’s core competence has always been the manufacture of machine components for the maintenance-free tensioning of belts and chain drives. From its self-adjusting motorbase suspensions for the initial tensioning of large belt drives, to its easy-to-install chain and belt tensioners for efficient secondary tensioning, Rosta has a range of tensioning systems and solutions to meet any need. And each solution offers many advantages.

Easy to install: Rosta tensioners should be installed on a stiff, even and clean machine part using a central bolt. The frictional connection on the flange is typically enough for final positioning, and the positioning notch on the flange can be used for added assurance on uneven and dirty surfaces by setting a roller-pin.

No maintenance: Rosta tensioning systems eliminate common problems such as the compensation of lengthening due to age and belt slip. Because of this, users don’t have to worry about periodical re-tensioning maintenance.

Long service life: Because of the unit’s gentle belt handling, it reduces wear on rollers and bearings, and offers a long service life.

Many options: Rosta tensioner devices are available in seven standard sizes and with a variety of characteristics. For example, oil- and heat-resistant models are an option, as well as a stainless steel model for food and pharma applications. A range of operating temperatures is also available, from -40 to 120 degrees C. In addition, many accessories are available, including safety sockets, pre-tensioning devices and support brackets, depending on the needs of the application. And, for the transfer of very high tension-forces, double arm tensioners are available to avoid misalignment.

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