REDwire Rosta technologies give customers the power to be increase efficiencies

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Rosta’s components are used across the globe to help companies increase their energy efficiency.

Rosta, a leading manufacturer known for its blue rubber suspension, oscillating and tensioning technologies, is also known for its green technology. The company is committed to reprocessing used parts and recycling, in an effort to minimize waste and remain environmentally friendly. In addition, Rosta’s components help other companies save on energy with their efficient design.

Blue energy savers

Rosta’s components are used in applications across the globe, helping companies in a wide range of industries increase their energy efficiency. 

For example, vibration processing using high-frequency vibrations has become an essential part of many material processing applications. Employing a vibration-separation technique helps make the processing more cost effective and energy efficient. Rosta offers suspension components for the management or control of circular, linear or horizontal oscillations, including rubber suspension units that are almost completely wear and maintenance-free, giving them a longer service life. 

In addition, since insufficiently tensioned belt drives tend to make poor use of the available energy, Rosta’s tensioning systems are used to help chain and belt drives work in an energy-efficient, quiet and virtually wear-free manner.   

Available worldwide

In an effort to make its products accessible to processing plants and machinery manufacturers worldwide, Rosta has subsidiaries and representatives across the globe. This ensure the company gets its high-quality products to customers in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

To learn more about how the company’s oscillating, suspension and tensioning technologies can increase the energy efficiency of your application, contact Rosta


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