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Rosta can supply vibrating motors for use in many applications.

Rosta is known for manufacturing a variety of rubber suspension components for oscillating conveyor applications. But in addition to these high-quality rubber products, the company also supplies reliable and rugged vibrating motors from Venanzetti Vibrazioni, an Italy-based manufacturer known for its exceptional design and quality control methods. Its vibrating motors are built to handle continuous duty, even in the harshest environments. 


Venanzetti vibrating motors offer a number of best-in-class features. The design incorporates an oversized shaft made from high-quality steel, and a squirrel cage rotor for high starting torque. The motor casing is available in aluminum or spheroidal cast iron (depending on the model), and a stainless steel cover with epoxy powder coating as standard. Thanks to the special execution bearings, these motors are suitable for continuous use at 100 per cent centrifugal force. They are also suitable for operating temperatures ranging from -30 to 40 degrees C.  

The motors are CSA approved. For applications in hazardous locations, the motors are also available in Class 4228 01.

Rotational or unidirectional vibration

Two different types of vibration can be obtained using Venanzetti motors: rotational and unidirectional. Rotational vibration can be generated using a single vibrator, as the motor creates a rotating centrifugal force that is transmitted to the connected structure. The result is an elliptical movement.

To create unidirectional vibration, two vibrators are used. The vibrators should be rigidly fixed on the same plane and rotating in opposite directions. This creates a unidirectional alternating and linear vibration.


These electric motors are used in a wide variety of applications, including mining, aggregate, chemicals, food processing, powder and bulk, dewatering, cooling and concrete production. They are available in a variety of models and sizes to suit the job. 

Venanzetti’s VMD exciter drive units, ideal for heavy screen applications, are also available.

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