REDwire Rosta supplies suspension solutions for everything from seesaws to minesweepers

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Applications for Rosta elements range from minesweepers to seeding machines.

Rosta is known for supplying rubber suspension elements for anti-vibration mountings, oscillating conveyors and self-tensioning belt drives. But the company's solutions are used for many other diverse applications in a broad range of markets. In fact, Rosta currently makes more than 2,300 customer-specific special rubber suspension units. Rosta products are used in everything from playground equipment to minesweeping vehicles.

Underground trains

Practically every underground train in the world is equipped with elastic third-rail collectors. These collectors are used to transfer power from laterally mounted tracks. They are mounted using Rosta type DK 18 rubber suspension elements for elastic and vibration-free operation. Rosta elements have been tried, tested and proven in this application since 1982.


Rosta supplied a manufacturer of minesweepers with more than 31,000 specialized elements. These elements were made with special dampening rubber and were used for minesweeping pressure wheel bearings. In this application, Rosta elements have contributed to the protection of personnel and material transportation, as the minesweepers have been used very effectively for locating and detonating mines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Electric wheelchairs

Rosta rubber suspension elements have been used to support the diagonal roller wheels in the Omnichair, the world's most maneuverable electric wheelchair. The Omnichair is capable of in-place steering, lateral movement, pirouettes and fast maneuvering.

Seeding machines

DR-27 elements have also been used for multi-furrow seeding machines. These machines immediately cover the seeds as they are planted to prevent them from becoming birdfeed. In this application, two oscillating control arms are used as a spring parallelogram to provide the necessary furrow cover pressure and compensate for uneven soil.

Swivel tail lights

Type DR 27 Rosta elements have been used for elastically mounted and pivoting swivel tail lights on truck trailers.


The type DW-A 50 galvanized rubber suspension element has been used in playground equipment such as seesaws.

More information

With Rosta's ability to manufacture custom suspension elements, from the smallest production runs up to large volumes, it can provide a solution for any requirement. For more information on the capabilities of Rosta components, visit the company’s website.


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