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Rosta has developed a wide selection of products over its long history.

Rosta Inc. has been providing rubber suspension elements to Canadian industries since 1988. These suspension elements are used in a wide range of applications, from agriculture and mining to packaging and transportation. 

But when the Rosta suspension element was first patented in 1942 by Rosta AG in Switzerland, it was made for a very specific purpose — trailer wheel suspension. It wasn’t until decades later that the advantages of Rosta suspension technology expanded to a variety of markets.

The history of Rosta

The company has a history that dates back to 1942 when the Rosta rubber suspension unit was patented. It was developed to simplify wheel suspensions used in trailer manufacturing. The Rosta suspension unit combined bearing, suspension and shock absorption capabilities into a single, compact component.

For many years, Rosta focused on making use of the patent as a space-saving suspension for trailer axles. These suspension elements also offered long service life with no maintenance. They were designed for loadings ranging from 250 to 5,000 kg.

Beginning in the 1960s, however, the unique concept behind the Rosta rubber suspension unit found other uses in general mechanical engineering applications. For instance, they began being used for tensioning and pressure elements in chain and belt drives, suspension of screens and conveyor troughs in foodstuff processing, and rotary suspensions for school chairs.

The company carried out every new application for the suspension elements based on a customer-specific design. This meant that immediate delivery was not possible. But starting in 1970, the company standardized the components for the most common applications.

Rosta today

These days, Rosta supplies its suspension, tensioning and oscillating solutions to many different markets around the world. Its high-quality rubber suspension components are available in a range of standard models and custom designs. 

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