REDwire Rosta oscillating elements make food processing exceptionally compact

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Rosta elements are used to create this space-saving oscillator system.

Rosta supplies suspension solutions for a wide variety of oscillating equipment. The company’s elements have been used to provide elastic and practically vibration-free suspension of oscillating conveyors, ore dewatering screens, gyratory screening machines and much more. One example of the company’s many success stories is when it developed an oscillating element system to enable the processing of pasta in very compact drying ovens.

The challenge

Industrially produced food often requires a resting, drying or hardening period after the first phase of preparation, and before confectioning or packaging can be completed. For instance, many types of freshly formed pasta are typically put on a woven wire belt and sent through a long drying oven. This process stabilizes the pasta’s complicated shapes.

These drying ovens can be up to 25 metres long and are very expensive to heat. Many pasta manufacturers have to accommodate these large ovens taking up space in their production facilities.

The solution

Rosta AG developed an oscillating element system, based on an idea from a pasta producer, that solves this problem. The system consisted of eight oscillating conveyors that were arranged one on top of another, with alternating directions. This system gently transports the fresh pasta through the eight conveyors. This design provides a 48-metre-long drying distance inside a drying oven that is only six metres long.

When the pasta exits the system, it is stabilized and ready for packaging. This revolutionary concept provides dramatic space savings and lowered heating costs.

More information on Rosta

Rosta suspensions are available in many variants to suit different applications and requirements. For instance, the company supplies vibration-damping universal joint suspensions for load supports from 200 to 40,000 N. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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