REDwire Rosta offers wide selection of mountings to support gyratory sifters

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Rosta offers vibration-damping universal joint suspensions and oscillating mountings.

Rosta’s core business is the elastic, neutral reaction and almost vibration-free suspension of oscillating machines and screens in the processing industry. The company’s specialty, in fact, is products that support gyratory screening machines. For example, it offers vibration-damping universal joint suspensions, as well as oscillating mountings for guiding circular motions of gyratory sifters.

Universal joints

Rosta universal joints type AK are maintenance-free elastic joints that can be moved in any direction. They are used as universal joint supports for mounting or suspending gyratory screens, screening tables, tumbling oscillators, sorters and screening machines positively driven by eccentrics or freely oscillating with an unbalanced drive. Type AK joints offer long-lasting articulations for guiding horizontal gyrations, and an extremely high supporting force, from 200 to 40'000 N per mounting. Ten sizes are available.

Oscillating mountings

Rosta oscillating mountings type AV are maintenance-free elastic joints for guiding circular motions of hanging screens, such as gyratory sifters and screens in flour mills, chemical processing plants and paper mills. The rubber inserts of these oscillating mountings are larger than those on other Rosta elements, enabling them to intensively absorb the vibrations of the hanging sifters and better protect building structures and ceilings. Five sizes are available with right- or left-hand threads, and with a supporting force up to 16’000 N per unit.

Additional details

Rosta’s line of oscillating conveyor technology also includes a selection of mountings for free oscillating systems and guided shaker systems. Its products offer high dampening, overload protection and a long service life.

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