REDwire Rosta offers steel mountings for stability, strength and excellent damping

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Rosta can supply a variety of anti-vibration solutions.

Rosta can supply the Vibrachoc range of steel mountings used to absorb vibration for industrial machinery, vehicles, construction equipment and more. These metal mountings offer a number of benefits, including high stability, low natural frequency and resistance to corrosion and temperature extremes.

Advantages of steel mountings

These mountings incorporate a “steel cushion” consisting of woven and compressed stainless steel wire. This design provides considerable mechanical strength and high damping characteristics. Depending on the application, they can offer damping characteristics in the order of 10 to 20 per cent.

Steel mountings also offer exceptionally stable characteristics. That means the height under load will not change over time, and the mountings are unaffected by temperatures ranging from -70 to 300 degrees C. They will also stand up to oil, grease, solvents, adverse weather and corrosive products.  

In addition, the low natural frequency of steel mountings enables them to provide up to 98 per cent attenuation for low speed rotating machinery. For steel mountings with springs, the natural frequencies can be as low as three Hz. 

Application examples

Vibrachoc mountings are used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from machine tools and impact machinery, to suspension for engines and gun turrets on naval vessels. In the construction industry, they are used to dampen the vibrations of pipework, HVAC systems and lifts or hoists.

When used with machine tools such as lathes, mills, grinders and tapping machines, these mountings provide both active and passive isolation. That means they offer attenuation of the machine’s vibrations, as well as protection for the machine from floor vibrations. These mountings also feature a number of assembly possibilities for machine tools, including non-slip base, integral levelling, and fitting under machines that do not have mounting holes. 

For more information on the anti-vibration mounts and suspension technology available from Rosta, visit the company's website.


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