REDwire Rosta offers spring suspensions for all types of free oscillating systems

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Rosta spring suspensions can be used in a variety of oscillating systems.

Rosta’s spring suspensions are used in a variety of oscillating systems. From ore dewatering screens in mines to onion sorting shakers in the tinned food industry, this equipment is used in many applications. Free oscillating systems come in several distinct types and produce oscillating motion using various methods, but Rosta’s versatile products can be used with all of them.

Circular motion

Circular motion screens and circular vibrators are typically excited using unbalanced weights to make the screening frame oscillate in a circular motion. This method of oscillating provides relatively low accelerations of the screened material. For this reason, circular vibrators usually have a screening frame inclination between 15 and 30 degrees to ensure adequate material throughput.

Rosta type AB and AB-HD oscillating mountings are ideal for these applications. When placed in a mirror-inverted position to each other, these suspensions can counteract shifting of the centre of gravity.

Linear motion

Linear motion screens (linear vibrators) are normally excited using two unbalanced motors or with linear exciters and double unbalanced shafts. This provides a linear or slightly elliptical oscillation. With linear motion screens, the angle of throw of the product can be changed depending on the inclination of the exciter. This type of oscillating system also offers high material throughput due to very high acceleration of the screened product.

Rosta AB and AB-HD mountings are also perfect for linear motion systems. In these applications, Rosta mountings should all be mounted in the same direction, with the “knee” pointing towards the discharge end.

Linear motion with counterframe

Sometimes counterframes must be mounted to motion screens to prevent the transmission of residual forces. For instance, a counterframe may be needed when large screens are mounted high in a building or in a purely steel construction. Rosta offers compact mountings for the suspension of counterframes with its type AB-D supports.

Discharge chutes

Another linear motion application for Rosta mountings is discharge chutes hanging under silos and bunkers. These chutes are typically supported with complicated yoke constructions and suspended with pressure springs. Rosta’s HS suspensions for hanging screens provide a solution for direct, cost-effective suspension of these discharge units. They are designed to handle tensile loads.

For more information on the many applications for Rosta’s suspension products, visit the company’s website.


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