REDwire Rosta mountings support advanced sorting process for tea leaves

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Rosta elements offer reliable and maintenance-free performance for tea leaf shakers.

A company in China has created an optical sorting device specifically for tea leaves. This machine utilizes high-performance cameras and a series of air jets to sort the leaves, which are fed through the machine using oscillating conveyor troughs that rely on Rosta mountings and connecting drive heads.

Advanced sorting process

These sorting machines use scanning cameras to detect the shape and colour of the tea leaves. Any tea leaves found to be too small or discoloured are separated from the rest using air jets. To make this possible, the tea leaves must flow through the sorting unit continuously, and the leaves have to be well distributed in a single layer so that each individual leaf can be optically registered.

In this application, ROSTA type AU 18 oscillating mountings and ST 27 connecting drive heads are used for the conveyor troughs.

Rosta mountings

Type AU oscillating mountings from Rosta are elastic joints that are maintenance-free. They are typically used for the suspension of conveying troughs, sorters, screens or any other device that uses directed oscillation from eccentric drives or unbalanced motors.

Like all Rosta elements, these mountings work without any noise and have no metallic contact or friction locations. These elements also offer the advantage of serving several functions at once, including the ability to act as a torsion spring, pivot bearing and anti-vibration mount.

Rosta drive heads

Type ST drive heads are flexible joints that can transmit acceleration from eccentric drives to oscillating machine parts. They offer the advantages of transmitting forces reliably, silently and free of play.

For more information on the benefits of Rosta products, visit the company’s website.


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