REDwire Rosta mountings help sifter manufacturer reduce maintenance requirements

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Rosta elements replaced high-maintenance universal joints in this gyratory sifter.

Rosta’s type AV oscillating mountings are elastic joints that are designed specifically for hanging screens such as gyratory sifters. These mountings are built to absorb vibrations from hanging sifters, so they can protect building structures and ceilings. But they can also be used as a replacement for high-maintenance equipment, as the screening machine manufacturer SWECO has shown.

Sifter manufacturing challenges

SWECO is a Florence, Kentucky-based company that is known for manufacturing screening machines. The company was seeking a new solution to support screen boxes in its gyratory sifter, as its original design required frequent maintenance. Originally, the sifter had 5,500-kilogram screen boxes mounted on four truck driveshafts, with eight universal joints that had to be changed approximately every six months of 24-hour operation. The universal joints had to be replaced so frequently due to insufficient lubrication and one-sided wear on the bearing bushings.

Replacing these joints and re-leveling the sifting box was a time-consuming process, as it required two SWECO service technicians working for several hours. In addition, the entire installation and downstream machines had to be shut down for hours.

Manufacturer chooses Rosta

This demanding maintenance routine drove SWECO to seek out a new way to improve the operational reliability of its gyratory sifters. The answer was Rosta AV oscillating elements. The maintenance-free Rosta suspensions eliminate the issues of frequent replacement, and they make assembly and re-leveling of the sifting boxes faster and easier.

Four SWECO sifting machines with Rosta elements showed no evidence of wear after two years in operation, 24 hours a day, performing fine-sand preparation. For more information on the benefits of Rosta suspension elements, visit the company’s website.


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