REDwire Rosta mountings exceed expectations for vibration testing of vehicle batteries

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Type AB-D mountings offer high loading capacity and vibration insulation.

When a government enterprise in India was developing vibrating tables for testing vehicle batteries, Rosta oscillating mountings were chosen for the task of supporting the tables. This application required the mountings to handle constant vibration with acceleration over a specific amount of time. The requirements also specified that the mountings must ensure that as little vibration and residual force as possible was transferred to the surroundings.

Rosta elements were the right choice for this project, as these rubber suspension units are ideal anti-vibration mounts with no maintenance requirements.

Rosta mounting details

Rosta elements are jointed springs that incorporate four pre-tensioned rubber bodies and an offset inner square profile. These elements are maintenance-free because they have no metallic contact or friction locations. The inertia of the natural rubber in Rosta elements offers energy dampening. They are multi-functional units that can act as an all-in-one anti-vibration mount, pivot bearing and torsion spring.

For this application, Rosta type AB-D 27 oscillating mountings were used. These are low-cost units that consist of two parallel rubber suspensions in a pantograph-like construction. This design offers a high loading capacity, as well as excellent insulation from vibrations.

Application results

The application involved testing batteries used for railway and military vehicles. A prototype vibration table was built for the task and had to be tested by the Technical Manufacturing Technology Institute in Bangalore.

The prototype achieved an acceleration of approximately 3.15 g, which met the test requirements. Next the residual acceleration was measured beneath the Rosta mounting to gauge its dampening capabilities. At 99.4 per cent acceleration reduction, the results were so impressive that the institute did not believe them at first. But numerous retests showed the results were accurate: the Rosta mountings consistently reduced acceleration by more than 99 per cent.

More information

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