REDwire Rosta elements offer high reliability for shaker conveyor manufacturer

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Rosta developed a custom solution to create more reliable oscillating conveyors.

When a manufacturer of materials handling machines and equipment needed a more reliable solution for its oscillating conveyors, it found the answer by going to Rosta.

Harbin Boshi Automation Co., Ltd. is a China-based manufacturer of sorting systems, filling machines and bulk goods transport systems. The company also offers oscillating conveyors for the transport and dosing of bulk goods. But the original design of these conveyors was causing a major problem.

The problem

The original conveyor design used a slider crank system and rocker arms made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester slats. The machine frame also rested on hollow rubber springs to help reduce reaction forces. This design resulted in a high oscillation amplitude of 22 millimetres, which rapidly caused material fatigue at the clamping points of the fibreglass slats. As a result, the suspensions broke down after only a three-month operating period, causing the plant to shut down temporarily. Harbin Boshi was in urgent need of a more reliable solution.

The solution

The company's technicians found the answer when they visited the Rosta stand at a tradeshow. On display were oscillating conveyors using rubber-suspended rocker arms. Following intensive consultations, Rosta developed a tailor-made solution to Harbin Boshi's challenge.

The answer was a two-mass shaker conveyor with direct mass counterbalance, sitting on Rosta double rockers. The new design worked perfectly, and was completely reaction-free due to the precisely balanced counter-mass.

Harbin Boshi is now able to provide its customers with oscillating conveyors that are absolutely reliable, since Rosta oscillating elements will not fatigue. For more information on the benefits of Rosta elements, visit the company’s website.


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