REDwire Rosta elements in heavy-duty recycling systems help eliminate e-waste

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Rosta anti-vibration mounts are used to absorb reaction forces on a Guidetti hammer mill.

Rosta’s rubber suspension products are helping to deal with the growing problem of e-waste. That’s because Rosta elements offer the heavy-duty performance needed for a variety of suspension applications in Guidetti recycling systems. Rosta self-adjusting motorbases, anti-vibration mounts and oscillating mountings are used in Guidetti’s crushers, shredders and hammer mills for recovering precious raw materials from electronic scrap.

The Guidetti facility in Renazzo, Italy, focuses on cost-efficient recycling of materials from used industrial goods and construction. In the 1980s, the company developed the first production machines for reclaiming gold, copper, aluminum and platinum from old electronics, office equipment and home appliances.

Self-adjusting motorbases

Almost all Guidetti crushers and shredders use self-adjusting Rosta motorbases to provide slip-free power transmission and save maintenance costs. These machines use elastic v-belts for power transmission, as they have to handle very high torque peaks as the machines shred, tear and break down entire machine frames. Rosta self-adjusting motorbases are designed to automatically provide ideal belt tension, so there’s no need to compensate for belt elongation over time.

Anti-vibration mounts

In addition, large Guidetti machines such as hammer mills are mounted on full batteries of Rosta anti-vibration mounts. These mounts are capable of absorbing the high levels of reaction forces the machines create. Rosta anti-vibration mounts feature a high degree of isolation and they are guaranteed against tearing. These mounts are long lasting, maintenance-free and will absorb solid-borne noise.

Oscillating mountings

Lastly, shaker conveyors and material screeners used for sorting raw materials have Rosta oscillating mountings. These elastic suspensions can be used on all types of screens and shaker conveyors. They provide high dampening, long life and are overload proof.

For more information on the capabilities of Rosta products, visit the company’s website.


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