REDwire Rosta elements absorb heavy vibration from high-performance laundry centrifuges

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Rosta AB-HD elements offer heavy-duty performance for large laundry centrifuges.

When it comes to dealing with large volumes of laundry in hotels and hospitals, for example, high-performance laundry centrifuges offer a more economical and efficient solution than hot-air tumbling. Rosta mountings can help make this an efficient, and high-performing, application.

The challenge

Laundry centrifuges produce large centrifugal force that can spin the remaining water out of laundry items. But this method is not without its problems. If the wet laundry is loaded unevenly, large imbalances will arise quickly as the drum spins at 1,080 rpm, causing dangerous vibrations.

This can be avoided if laundry items are always loaded evenly, but uneven loads are a daily occurrence in the hectic environment of hotel and hospital laundries.

The Rosta solution

Tupesa SL, the manufacturer of high-performance laundry centrifuges, began using Rosta Type AB-HD oscillating mountings to deal with this problem. The Rosta mountings offer a large absorption capacity, so they can quiet the uneven running of centrifuges. During the run-down, as the vibration passes through the suspension's natural frequency, the elements can effectively dissipate the vibration amplitude peaks in mere seconds.

Before discovering the benefits of Rosta vibratory suspensions, the company had tried a number of methods to deal with vibrations, including dampening the vibrations using helical spring suspensions, heavy mass compensation, and hydraulic shock absorbers. All of these methods failed to provide a satisfactory solution. Instead, the answer was the compact and maintenance-free Rosta oscillating mountings.

More information

Rosta Type AB-HD mountings are the heavy-duty version of the AB product range. They are used for applications, including suspension for mining and aggregate screens that work under variable charging capacities and possible overload situations. These mountings are also well suited to screens that experience impact loading situations.

For more information on the benefits of Rosta elements, visit the company’s website.


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