REDwire Rosta elements a top choice for playground and exercise equipment

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Rosta elements are used in outdoor exercise equipment.

Rosta rubber suspension elements are used for a wide variety of industrial applications. For instance, these rubber elements can be used as energy-absorbing impact suspensions, torque supports for gear motors, pendulum suspensions for unbalanced motors, and torsion elastic mounts to provide constant pressure for infeed devices.

Rosta elements are specified for these various applications because they can offer advantages such as vibration dampening, compact size and no wear. These benefits have also made Rosta elements the solution of choice in a growing niche market: playground and exercise equipment.

Playground applications

Some examples of the playground applications include see-saw suspensions and riding horse supports. The rubber suspension elements can act as a spring device, shock-absorber and support bearings. That means they provide a simple, maintenance-free replacement for all bearings, pivot points and elastic supports on this playground equipment. Also, Rosta elements offer passive protection from injuries by replacing coil spring inlays that are liable to break.

Outdoor exercise equipment

In addition, as many public parks are adding outdoor exercise equipment for adults, Rosta elements have been used for running machines, rowing trainers, press-up benches and more. In these applications, the Rosta rubber suspension makes the perfect solution for stored joint and spring load mechanisms. Their heavy-duty design means they are able to stand up to weather and possible vandalism.

More information

Rosta manufactures custom rubber suspension elements to suit any need. The company currently makes more than 2,300 special suspension units that are customer-specific. For more information on the benefits of Rosta elements, visit the company’s website.


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