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Roll Forming machines offer efficient production and high-quality results.

Nu-Tech Roll Forming is a full-service manufacturer that can offer efficient, high precision production of metal parts. The company’s plant is outfitted with all the equipment needed to create top quality roll formed products, including 11 lines of roll forming machines — versatile pieces of equipment that offer many advantages. 

The basics 

Roll forming machines are used to fabricate specific configurations out of long strips of metal (typically coiled steel). Most often, the machines work in a continuous cycle — material continually moves through each stage of the operation until it is complete. 

Roll forming machines use fixed rollers to bend metal. There are several sets of rollers that both guide the material through the machine and perform the bending. Each set of rollers bends the metal a little more than the last. By progressively bending the metal in this way, the roll forming process ensures a correct cross-sectional configuration, while maintaining the cross-sectional area.

The benefits

Roll forming machines excel at manufacturing very long pieces or large quantities of parts. They typically operate at speeds ranging from 30 feet per minute up to 600 feet per minute. In addition, parts manufactured with roll forming have an excellent finish and fine detail. Often, the end product does not require finishing work. Roll forming is also an energy-efficient process because the machines bend metal at room temperature — no energy is wasted on heating the material.

Modern roll forming machines use CAD/CAM systems and programmable logic controllers to ensure accuracy and precision. These systems can catch product imperfections and tighten tolerances. 

An industry leader

Nu-Tech Roll Forming prides itself on being a full-service supplier, as it has the capability to assist in all aspects of manufacturing projects, from bending, spot welding, assembly, grinding and polishing, to design and engineering, tooling and die fabrication, roll forming and stamping. When it comes to roll forming, the company has the capability to work with material thicknesses from .015 inches to .200 inches.  

For more information on the benefits of roll forming, contact Nu-Tech Roll Forming.


Nu-Tech Roll Forming Inc

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