REDwire Roll form vs. press brake: How do you choose?

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Nu-Tech Roll Forming can assess whether your steel part is a candidate for roll forming.

It’s a question many manufacturers ask themselves: Which approach should I use — a press brake or a roll former? The determining factor is often the volume of products being produced.

When first starting out, manufacturers often gravitate towards pushing out steel parts on a press brake. And if their part has cut outs and holes, they may complement the process with a punch die or laser. This is the logical choice for many, as the press brake can be a very cost-effective approach to making low volume parts. But what happens when your business grows and the press brake just doesn’t seem to be suitable anymore? 

The challenge

Press brakes can be slow, and using them to make high volume parts can result in increased labour costs. The press brake can also reach capacity quickly, which means users may be faced with the choice of adding another press and operator or expanding hours of operation. Even if the company has the means to purchase additional equipment, they may not have the floor space. These are all challenges manufacturers face when moving from low volume production to high volume production with a press brake.

The solution

Roll forming may be the answer. This method takes a different approach to bending metal. The basic principle of roll forming is that all parts are made off of a continuously fed coil. The coil, which could have enough material on it to produce thousands of parts, is passed through a progressive set of rolls that forms the desired shape. The part is then cut to the desired length at the end of this process using what is commonly referred to as “on the fly” cutting. This means the roll form line never stops. The parts just keep coming off the line until the coil is complete. Thousands of parts can be made with a fraction of the time and labour of a press brake.  

A trusted roll former

If your company is feeling the stress on the press brake due to increased volumes, contact Nu-Tech Roll Forming for an assessment of whether your steel part is a candidate for roll forming. The leading roll forming company has experience working with a wide range of industries, including automotive, construction, storage, military, transportation, electrical, mining and more. Its experienced team of engineers has the capability to produce the most difficult shapes, while adhering to high-quality standards. 


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