REDwire Robotic paint applicator offers speed and reliability

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The PPH range of sprayers have turbines with frictionless rotation for long life.

The PPH 707 SB 2K is a robotic applicator for solvent-based, two-component liquid paints. Like the other applicators in the PPH 707 line, this sprayer features a high-speed rotary bell, reliability and easy maintenance.

Applicator features

The SB 2K model features a static mixer located immediately before the bellcup injector, and the valve is located close to the mixer. This design helps reduce the volume of mixed paint to only two cubic centimetres, avoiding material waste.

The sprayer is compatible with every solvent-based, two-component coating, and offers simplified maintenance, including easy tear down of parts that are in contact with the hardener, and the ability to avoid getting mixed material in the robot’s arm.

PPH Series features

PPH sprayers offer high reliability with their titanium bellcups, valve life of 2.5 million cycles, and seven-year/30,000-hour warranties on the turbines. In addition, they have powerful, high-voltage units that are built to handle harsh operating conditions, such as soiling or vehicle interior applications.

Another benefit of the PPH Series is interchangeability. The standard PPH 707 SB can be easily upgraded to a PPH 707 SB 2K using the same TCP and body. In addition, a 2K multi-trigger version is also available for better colour change performance.

The PPH Series sprayers have many safety features, including ATEX zone 1 compliant construction, a remote bell monitoring device, and an integrated HVU that prevents any spark using fast energy discharge. The paint lines are also grounded to avoid high voltage in the robot’s wrist.

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