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Exel North America supplies a variety of robotic sprayers for finishing applications.

A range of robotic finishing sprayers are available from Exel North America. The high-quality sprayers offer many benefits, including reliability, flexibility, high transfer efficiency, high flow and speed, increased productivity and more.

Sprayer selection

The PPH 707 solvent-based robotic applicator is a robotic sprayer for solvent-based paint. It features a high-speed rotary bell, easy maintenance and reliability. Maintenance operations are simplified thanks to the quick disconnect design, easy access to valves and fittings, and magnetic bellcup fastening system. This sprayer was designed specifically for the automotive industry and is lightweight, so it can be used with any painting robot.

The PPH 707 multi-trigger applicator features multi-trigger technology. This means that the atomizer’s body has an integrated colour change block inside for one super high runner and five high runner colours. This best-in-class feature enables a high-speed colour change, and ensures less paint and solvent loss during a colour change. These sprayers also feature a compact design and flexible capabilities.

Both of these sprayers are available in models dedicated to electrostatic application: the PPH 707 solvent-based 2K (two component) applicator, and the PPH 707 multi-trigger 2K (two component) applicator. They feature low material loss and are equipped with a static mixer so the mixed paint volume is only two cubic centimetres.

TRP 501 and 502 robotic applicators are electro-pneumatic robotic guns that feature very high flow rates of up to 1,200 cubic centimetres per minute. The 502 sprayer offers twice the paint flow of the 501, as it is equipped with two fan spray guns.

The PPH 707 electrostatic external charge for water-based materials features Hi TE technology that has made it the benchmark in automotive finishing with external charge. This high-performance sprayer offers exceptional finishing quality.

Accubell 709 EVO is a compact internal charge bell atomizer. It includes an insulated paint reservoir that allows the exact paint quantity to be loaded, high accuracy flow rate control, and high voltage application of the paint with efficient internal charge technology.

Additional details

For more information on the wide range of finishing solutions available from Exel North America, visit the company’s website.



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