REDwire RMG wire cutting and straightening machines offer performance and ease of use

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Rotem carries straighten and cut machines from the Rockford Manufacturing Group.

Rotem Industrial Products’ inventory of straighten and cut machines features high-quality industrial machinery from the Rockford Manufacturing Group (RMG). This equipment is fast, efficient, reliable and easy to use, so it can meet customer wire cutting and straightening needs while lowering production costs at the same time.

The lineup

Rotem’s selection includes a large variety of machines with differing features, including three-die single offset variable pitch for easy setup, innovative high-speed designs and optional wire drawers to support lean manufacturing efforts.

The RMG-Lewis straighten machines, for example, offer bi-headed product lines, including the RMG and Lewis cut machines. The two lines have a series of products under each, but the one common feature is that they are simple to use. Even novice operators can easily learn how to use, adjust, operate and maintain the machines without requiring intensive training.

The RMG-Lewis product line is designed for superior flexibility. Some of the latest innovations for this line include the use of offset arbours, operational length control, arbour speed and the use of top-notch machining technologies, including clutchless cutting technology. The machines are also fitted with advanced safety guards.     

The Lewis machine technology allows for the production of highly durable outfits from high tensile materials, such a hardened steel and chromium bars. The stout and sturdy handling claws fitted in every cut machine ensures that they offer a robust operational scale without derailing the concept note’s targets on accuracy and precision.

A trusted distributor

Rotem is proud to carry machines from RMG because of their reputation for quality and performance.

“When buying your cut and straighten machine from Rotem, be confident knowing that we supply only the best,” the company says.

This commitment to quality, combined with superior customer service and industry expertise, is the reason Rotem is celebrating 50-plus years of delivering high-quality products to Canadian metalworking manufacturers and wire fabricators.

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