REDwire RKC digital temperature controllers offer high performance in a compact package

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RB Series digital temperature controllers are available from Chevrier Instruments.

Chevrier Instruments can supply RB Series digital temperature controllers from RKC Instrument Inc. These high performance, budget-friendly controllers offer many best-in-class features. The result is a solution with a compact design and outstanding control capability in a wide range of applications.

Top features

The RB Series features three models — RB100, RB400 and RB900 — complete with comprehensive functions incorporated into a slim body case. These units include a large, bright, easy-to-read 11-segment LCD display with a space-saving depth of only 60 millimetres. The Series was designed with a mounting bracket that allows close horizontal mounting of as many as six units, saving valuable space on the production floor.

The controllers provide precise control by sampling every 0.25 seconds. In addition, the units feature simple program control using a timer function. Control is performed during the timer time and stops after the timer time elapses.

Another top feature is startup tuning and autotuning capability. Startup tuning, for example, eliminates time required for conventional autotuning, as it calculates optimum PID values by temperature characteristics at startup. It is useful in applications which require a long time for conventional autotuning. Meanwhile, the units offer an improved autotuning algorithm, which calculates optimum PID values and shortens the time to reach stable control at the set value. It also eliminates overshoot and undershoot.

After the PID values have been autotuned, the fine tuning function allows the operator to adjust the control response speed with a six-level adjustment parameter (-3 to +3) without changing PID value.

These units have multiple inputs and outputs depending on the model chosen. The many options means that customers can find a unit that meets the exact needs of their applications.

Additional details

These units are ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including various plastic machines, electric furnaces, semiconductors, food processing, environmental chambers and more.

For additional information on the wide range of measurement control instrumentation available from Chevrier Instruments, visit the company’s website.


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