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Enclosure heaters can protect equipment from freezing, condensation and corrosion.

Process Heaters can supply a range of enclosure heaters from leading manufacturers such as Tempco. These heaters are ideal for protecting equipment from low temperatures, condensation and corrosion, enabling mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic equipment to perform at maximum capacity.

Enclosure heaters are used in many applications, including control panels, switch gear, control valve housings and outdoor electrical power. Each of these applications may require a different type of enclosure heater. There are several factors to consider when determining the most appropriate solution for the application.

  • Wattage: Determine the heater wattage required for the application by considering the lowest expected ambient temperature, the desired operating temperature, the surface area of the enclosure, whether it is insulated, and if it will be located in windy conditions. With this information, the required wattage can be determined.
  • Type of heater: Some of the different types available include tubular heaters, ceramic heaters and finned strip heaters. The most appropriate type is determined by factors such as the enclosure's space constraints and wattage needed.
  • Number of heaters: Multiple heaters can be combined to meet wattage requirements.
  • Heater control: It is also important to determine the method of heater control. Some of the options available include built-in thermostats for temperature monitoring, or using one temperature controller to both monitor and control the heaters.

As a specialist in industrial process heating and control, Process Heaters can help. The Toronto-based company has an expert team trained to handle design, sales, support and service. It can supply quality products from industry leaders like Tempco.

For more information on the enclosure heaters available, contact Process Heaters.


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