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Olflex cables from Lapp offer reliability for VFD applications.

Cables are often considered to be the most critical component in variable frequency drive (VFD) systems. To ensure reliability, the cables must be able to handle power distortions. Depending on the cable design and materials used, they can make a big difference in the system's reliability and lifespan. 

Lapp addressed this critical topic in a recent white paper entitled “Reliable VFD cables boost productivity, minimize downtime”, written by John Gavilanes, the company’s director of engineering. 

VFD basics

VFD systems are a mainstay of many industries due to their ability to improve efficiency. They are used in applications ranging from fans and blowers to production line equipment in continuous operation. 

Also referred to as adjustable speed drives, VFDs change the frequency of AC power. This allows the speed of motor-driven equipment to be controlled via the power supply cables. In these applications, it is essential to choose the right cable for the job in order to avoid power disruption, loss of precise motor control, downtime and maintenance.

Insulation materials are the key

Cables that have XLPE (plus) insulation, for example, offer a number of advantages over standard generic type XLPE. They improve performance by minimizing the cable charging current, can withstand greater voltages, and can maintain continuous operation at up to 2,000 volts. 

Lapp can provide Ölflex VFD cables with higher flexibility and smaller diameters than cables with standard conductors such as type B or THHN. These properties make them ideal for applications with space constraints. These cables feature a thermoplastic semiconducting layer that is extruded over the conductor. In addition, they use dual PVC insulation and a nylon cover.

The Surge Guard insulation helps protect these cables from electrical phenomena, including voltage spikes, standing waves and reflections. The cables have a semiconductive coating on the copper conductors that disperses electrical stress and avoids insulation damage. Also, the extruded PVC/nylon insulation offers superior resistance to crush and impact. These cables have a UL TC-ER listing.

Lapp is the ideal source for VFD cables that ensure reliability. To learn more about VFD systems and the advantages of Lapp cables, contact Lapp Canada.


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