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The Ohio Broach website provides a wealth of helpful information.

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company provides a wide range of broaching services, from broaching machine manufacturing and repair to production broaching and tool sharpening. The company also regularly works with customers from many diverse markets, including automotive, defence, oil and gas, and more.

With the wide variety of options available, the company website has been designed to make it easy for customers to quickly get the broaching services they need. The site provides a wealth of helpful information, as well as a convenient RFQ form.

Helpful information

The website provides customers with pertinent information at a glance, such as listings of the company’s capabilities. For instance, the "broach tool sharpening" section of the website lists the various processes available (repair, deburring, welding, brazing, alterations, straightening, coating and flat or round sharpening). Broaches can be manufactured from materials such as (PM M4, PM T15, M2, M3, M42, and PM M48/REX 76). The “production broaching” section lists secondary services offered (grinding, deburring, heat treating and secondary machining).

To further explain the company's capabilities, the website also includes case studies of past projects, as well as examples of the types of parts and shapes that can be broached on Ohio Broach machines. In addition, details about each machine can be downloaded in .pdf format.

Convenient RFQ form

The RFQ form on the Ohio Broach website allows customers to easily get a quote for their projects. The form includes a section to upload part prints and provide information on the project requirements. For example, there are sections for providing material requirements, desired production rate per hour, lot sizes, whether clamping marks are allowed, and much more.

Additional information

Ohio Broach’s versatile capabilities in design, engineering, repair and production offer customers many choices, and the intuitive website makes it easy to find the right solutions. To learn more, visit the Ohio Broach & Machine Company website.


The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

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