REDwire ‘Revolutionary’ vision system ignores variables that prevent clear inspection

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LumiTrax uses high-speed cameras and intelligent lighting to capture multiple images while lighting from different angles.

Traditional machine vision systems for inspection do not do well with variations. Factors like residual fluids, surface irregularities, glare and changes in ambient light are all problems that could prevent a clear inspection. But Keyence, a leading manufacturer of industrial automation and inspection equipment, has developed a solution — the LumiTrax vision system. This advanced system has the capability to ignore these variations and capture only the information that matters.

How it works

The LumiTrax system uses a combination of high-speed cameras and intelligent lighting to capture multiple images. It is equipped with ultra-high intensity LED lighting with a partial illumination control circuit. The system uses a powerful algorithm to combine these different angles into both shape and texture images that eliminate variations. Texture images eliminate glare, while shape images eliminate colours, printing and surface variations to extract only height changes. The system automatically combines the images, even when a part is moving under the camera.

System advantages

Thanks to the LumiTrax system’s advanced features, it is able to ignore a wide variety of issues such as noise, patterns, luster and low contrast between colours. In addition, the system has no problem with handling variations in workpiece orientation. As a result, LumiTrax excels in all types of applications, including the inspection of etchings, stamped characters, surface defects, hot seal widths, printing defects, perforations, and printing on reflective film. 

More details

LumiTrax received a gold Vision Systems Design Innovators Award in 2015. The awards are judged by a panel of experts from system integrator and end-user companies. New products in the vision and image processing industry are recognized based on originality, innovation, impact, fulfilling a market need, leveraging novel technology, and increased productivity. And, clearly, LumiTrax excelled in all of these areas. 

To learn more about LumiTrax, visit the Keyence Canada website.


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