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Aeroex mist collectors are designed to overcome many of the shortfalls of other mist collectors, thanks to a revolutionary separation technique.

Aeroex mist collectors are designed to overcome many of the shortfalls of other mist collector technologies. What makes the technology so unique? It’s the “revolutionary separation technique,” the company says. 

Barrie, Ont.-based Aeroex has developed unique high-efficiency separation elements with life cycles of over 10 years. The collectors separate the majority of fluid without filters, and quickly drain fluid to reduce evaporation and odours, while removing mist, smoke and bacteria.

The technology works in three stages.

In the first stage, innovative mechanical elements separate up to 95 per cent of the mist and solids. The fluid quickly drains out of the air flow, reducing evaporation and odours.

The second stage features the agglomerator — a filter with layers of stainless steel wire mesh weaved with oil attracting fibres. During this stage, efficiency is high as the air travels through a bed of coarse and fine fibres at a low velocity. Channels between each layer provide exceptional fluid drainage. The cross flow filter design provides optimum separation and oil drainage. 

This is different from other mist collectors because, explains the company, “in up-flow mist collectors, the oil must drip directly into the air flow and even onto the filter below. This can greatly reduce air flow and filter life.”

The third stage filter is a policing filter that captures sub-micron mist, smoke and bacteria. A selection of filter options are available from 90 per cent ASHRAE (MERV14) to HEPA 99.97 per cent at 0.3 microns. 

When it comes to cleaning the system, an optional online cleaning system for flushing out congealed coolant concentrate and fine solids is available. Alternatively, the media can be cleaned with coolant or water hose. 

“On most applications, cleaning is only every two to five years,” the company explains. “The media is very durable — it even looks bulletproof — lasting 10 to 15 years on most applications.”

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Aeroex Technologies Inc.

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