REDwire Revised infection control standard emphasizes the importance of training during hospital construction and renovation

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Ensuring that those involved in the construction and/or renovation of health-care facilities can effectively navigate the new sections of the standard is key to its effectiveness.

Over the past two decades, we have learned more and more about the dangers of infection from hospital construction, renovation and maintenance activities, and Canada has led the way in standards to protect patients from these hazards. The latest edition of CSA Z317.13 Infection Control during Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance of Health-Care Facilities includes a number of changes and improvements to increase safety.

A critical standard

Since it was first published in 2003, CSA Z317.13 has revolutionized work practices in and around health-care facilities. The latest edition, released in January of 2017, features a number of changes and improvements, including:

  • New and revised requirements for cleaning of construction sites and building components;
  • Expanded new requirements for wall materials and design in areas subject to moisture;
  • Updated requirements for monitors and alarms to maintain relative pressurization at construction sites;
  • Revised clauses on the use of the building’s HVAC system for air supply to construction areas;
  • Revised requirements for cleaning and testing of construction air handling units between uses;
  • New requirements to prevent contamination of water systems during construction activities;
  • Additional requirements around orientation and training of personnel working on construction sites;
  • Additional information on roles and responsibilities of infection prevention and control personnel and the MDT;
  • New and revised requirements for post-construction evaluation and documentation; and
  • Reorganization of the existing annexes, and creation of new informative annexes to provide sample checklists and additional guidance.

Training is key

Ensuring that those involved in the construction and/or renovation of health-care facilities can effectively navigate the new sections of the standard, as well as understand the latest developments and requirements, is key to the effectiveness of this standard. Training is critical, as it not only highlights the unique challenges that these types of construction and renovation projects present, but it also helps to ensure that they are carried out as efficiently as possible.

CSA Group offers training courses to ensure the industry understands the revised standard. The brand new edition of Z317.13, and the in-depth training, will go a long way to protecting people who visit and work in health-care buildings for decades to come.


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