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Retainer rings are the humble yet heavy-duty fasteners that hold mechanisms together.

If you’ve ever used a power tool, turned a door handle or pushed a lawn mower, then chances are you’ve been in contact with a retainer ring.

Retainer rings are the humble yet heavy-duty fasteners that hold mechanisms together. These precision components are put onto shafts or bores, which act as shoulders to retain other parts in place inside a device, equipment or machinery.

No two retaining rings are alike. Read on to learn the four main types of retaining rings and their unique specifications.

Axially Assembled Rings

Typically the design standard for machined grooves, when installed these types of rings protrude to retain parts of the assembly.

Axially assembled rings can be installed internally inside housings and bores, or externally on shaft assemblies, either of which are connected along the rings' axis.

Radially Assembled Rings

Unlike axially assembled rings, radially assembled rings neither extend around the circumference of the grooves, nor have lugs or lug holes. Consequently, these specific rings are partially opened to one side, which requires installation from a radial direction.

Bowed Retaining Rings

Constructed to offset accrued demands during assemblies, bowed rings preload and apply power onto the retained parts once snapped into a groove.

Similar to a spring, these types of rings tensely hold all the retained parts together on the low side of the tolerance while they ease up when parts on the high side of the tolerance spread throughout the groove.

Self-Locking Rings

Groove installation is unnecessary for these certain rings, which in turn means a boost in production time and a drop in manufacturing costs.

Choose self-locking rings as an economically viable option if working on small applications with low thrust loads and if you can live with a permanent result since it is difficult to remove self-locking retaining rings once installed.

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