REDwire Reliable safety ground testing with the GTS-300

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Megger's GTS-300 safety ground tester is designed for testing personal safety grounds and ensuring the integrity of grounding systems.

The GTS-300 safety ground tester from Megger is designed for testing personal safety grounds and ensuring the integrity of grounding systems. This two-piece test set features quick setup, digital instrumentation, and no need for specialized training. It uses a high-current method to test ground grid continuity and connections, which offers reliability and accuracy for detecting ground system faults.

Personal safety grounds

When testing safety ground clamps, cables and ferrules, the GTS-300 delivers a continuous current at the rating of the device being tested. This set is suitable for testing devices rated for up to 300 amps of continuous current.  The GTS-300 is also capable of outputting 600 amps AC with a 30 per cent duty cycle.

Testing ground grids

To test a ground grid, the GTS-300 passes 300 amps AC between a reference ground (such as a transformer neutral) and the ground to be tested for a specified amount of time. This unit has an automatic test timer that can be adjusted from one to 10 minutes. To verify the integrity of the ground connection, the test set monitors the voltage drop, as well as the magnitude and direction of the current. 

The unit comes with all the required accessories, including four high current leads ranging from 10 to 100 feet in length.

A reliable manufacturer

Megger has been providing electrical testing equipment for more than 100 years. In that time, the company has earned a reputation for the reliability of its products. That dependability is especially important when testing safety equipment. 

In addition to the GTS-300, the company offers a variety of other ground testing equipment, such as clamp-on resistance testers, ground fault locators, as well as four-terminal and three-terminal ground resistance testers. Visit the company website for more information on its wide selection of products.


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