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Innovative Nano N2 nitrogen generators avoid the need for external dryers.

NCA Ltd. (National Compressed Air) can provide Nano nitrogen generators. These generators feature the ability to dehydrate compressed air, so there’s no need for external dryers.


Nitrogen is used in a wide variety of applications where oxygen may harm the product or processes. Some examples include fire prevention systems, bottling for the beverage industry, product transfer in the pharmaceutical industry, wave soldering in the electronics industry, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) in the food industry, blanketing for the chemical industry, and burring reduction for laser metal cutting applications.

In these applications, nitrogen generators can provide a cost-effective and reliable solution compared to cylinder or liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen compressors use regular compressed air to provide nitrogen in a continuous supply and with high purity.

Nano generator features

Conventional nitrogen generators often rely on an external desiccant dryer. Without a dryer to pre-treat the compressed air, these generators must be oversized to effectively separate the nitrogen molecules. In addition, compressed air of poor quality can contaminate the expensive Carbon Molecular Sieve Media.

Nano N2 nitrogen generators eliminate these problems, as they provide dehydration of the compressed air before separation. To accomplish this, they use integrated Adsorbent Media Tube (AMT) drying cartridges. This design avoids the need for a separate desiccant dryer, providing a number of benefits, including saving up to 20 per cent purge loss, lowering capital and installation costs, and reducing pressure drop by 10 psig.

More information

NCA Ltd. offers a range of compressed air products, including compressors, vacuum pumps, air dryers, filtration and more. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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