REDwire Relay test software offers many advanced features

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Megger’s Relay Test and Management Software comes with many advanced standard features, and some enhanced options as well.

Megger’s Relay Test and Management Software, also known as RTMS, is the culmination of more than 30 years of automatic relay testing experience. The software program, which is Microsoft Windows compatible, is designed to manage all aspects of protective relay testing using the Megger SMRT family of units. It comes with many advanced standard features, and some enhanced options as well.

Two versions available

Every Megger SMRT unit comes with RTMS software; however, users have the choice of two levels — standard or enhanced.

The standard level offers an easy way to test protective relays, for both commissioning and maintenance, from the simple overcurrent to some of the most complex relays. Manual operation is simplified through the use of enhanced graphics, intuitive menu screens and touchscreen icon buttons, which allow users to quickly select the desired test function. Standard level features include:

  • A manual test screen with pre-selected outputs, which are set using the Smart Touch View Interface touchscreen;
  • A fault calculator that provides the user with five different modes of operation, including overcurrent, voltage, frequency, impedance and symmetrical;
  • Auto ramp, pulse ramp and binary search features to help determine pickup or dropout of various types of relays;
  • Built-in timing tests; and
  • An overcurrent test feature that can perform all tests associated with electromechanical- and microprocessor-based overcurrent relays.

Users can also view test reports, state sequence timing, select relay operating characteristics and much more.

The enhanced level includes all of the standard features, plus some additional test features. These include:

  • A synchronizer test feature that provides automatic tests of synchronizing and sync-check type relays;
  • The ability to create and perform tests; and
  • A frequency relay test feature that provides automatic tests of under/over frequency and df/dt type relays.

Additional details

RTMS software includes the AVTS (Advanced Visual Test Software) Relay Test Library, which provides relay specific test modules covering different relay manufacturers. In the enhanced level, users can select from a number of manufacturers, view test connections, execute the tests, and save the test results.

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