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Henkel offers a wide range of products designed to help reduce industrial equipment wear.

Wear and tear is a common occurrence in industrial machinery. This is often the result of friction, abrasion, erosion, heat, corrosion, cavitation and impact associated with industrial processes in demanding environments. And while wear and tear can’t be completely eliminated, there are a number of ways to limit its negative impact on machinery. 

This critical topic was tackled in a recent blog by Pradeep Klair, a global market development manager at Henkel. In the article, Klair highlights some products that can help reduce the significant costs associated with downtime, repair or replacement when equipment no longer runs reliably. He offers a handy guide that outlines which Loctite surface engineering solutions are appropriate to reduce specific types of wear in industrial environments. 

For example, if abrasion is a factor, the company recommends using the Loctite PC 7218 Nordbak Wearing Compound, or its Loctite PC 7000 Hi Temp Abrasion Resistant Coating. In cases where erosion is a concern, Loctite PC 7227 Nordbak Brushable Ceramic, Loctite PC 7226 Nordbak Pneu-Wear, Loctite PC 7255 Nordbak Sprayable Ceramic and Loctite PC 7000 Hi Temp Abrasion Resistant Coating are appropriate solutions. For corrosion, however, the company recommends Loctite 7319 Nordbak Chemical Resistant Coating.

If impact is a factor, Loctite MR Flex 80 Putty and Loctite PC 9313 High Impact Wearing Compound are options. But if exposure to heat is a concern, the company recommends several products: Loctite PC 7230 Hi Temp (and Ultra Hi Temp) Wearing Compound, Loctite PC 7303 Hi Temp (and Ultra Hi Temp) Pneu-Wear, Loctite PC 7234 Hi Temp Brushable Ceramic, or Loctite PC 7000 Hi Temp Abrasion Resistant Coating. 

Lastly, if cavitation is the issue, Loctite PC 7227 Nordbak Brushable Ceramic and Loctite PC 7226 Nordbak Pneu-Wear are options. 

Indeed, there are a wide range of quality Loctite products to choose from, and Henkel’s team of experts can help you determine the appropriate solution. The company offers in-plant surface engineering workshops designed to help customers address wear factors, improve equipment reliability, safety and efficiency, and reduce overall maintenance costs. 

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