REDwire Redirack’s push back racking offers efficient high-density storage

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Push back racking uses nested colour-coded rolling carts.

Redirack offers a number of high-density storage solutions. The company’s wide selection includes options to suit any facility’s needs. One storage solution that offers high selectivity and efficiency is push back racking.

How it works

In push back racking systems, each lane is equipped with rails that slope upwards away from the front of the unit. Pallets are placed on top of nested rolling carts that are colour coded. When a pallet is being loaded, it pushes back any existing pallets and exposes the next rolling cart. Once all of the rolling carts are used, the final pallet is placed directly on the rails. When a pallet is removed, the carts behind it move towards the aisle.


Push back racking enables the storage of multiple SKUs on different lane levels. This provides easy access. In addition, push back racking can serve as a “first in, first out” storage system. All that’s required is proper warehouse management to ensure the oldest lanes are emptied first.


Because push back racking must stand up to dynamic or varying loads, Redirack ensures that these systems are more robust than the standard selective pallet racking. The company places the utmost importance on safety and stability.

For successful storage, the company recommends that customers store correct cross-sections of SKUs. To help, Redirack can explain best practices to customers, review their slotting plans, and provide assistance with creating an efficient storage system. 

Other features

Push back lane depths can be up to six lanes deep. To prevent hang-ups or jammed lanes, the carts are interlocked.

This type of racking has a number of advantages over other high-density storage solutions. When compared to drive in racking, push back systems offer higher selectivity, increased efficiency, and significantly less honeycombing. Push back racking provides up to five times the number of pick faces, and there is no need to drive into storage lanes, as all pallets are picked and placed from the main aisle.

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