REDwire Redirack can turn any facility’s storage into a carton flow system

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Redirack's carton flow systems are easy to install or reconfigure.

Redirack is the ideal source for carton flow solutions. The company can help reconfigure existing storage systems to carton flow racking, or create an entirely new system. The result is a highly efficient and organized storage solution. 

Carton flow basics

Carton flow racking uses shelves with a downward slant and rollers to allow products to “flow” towards the front of racks. Products are loaded from the back, and when an item is removed, the next in line takes its place automatically. This design offers high efficiency and immediate access to multiple products.  

Carton flow options

The available options for carton flow systems include Span-Track, ShelfTrack, ShelfBed and FlowBed products. The customer’s existing storage will help determine the most appropriate solution.

  • Span-Track, also known as case flow track, can be added to any pallet rack system, new or existing.
  • ShelfTrack is designed to retrofit traditional carton flow shelves. It offers a replacement for plastic wheel tracks and makes use of the existing rack and shelf beds.
  • Shelf Bed and Flow Bed systems offer an easy way to create full-width universal carton flow beds. Shelf Bed is appropriate for existing systems with existing plastic wheel roll tracks, while Flow Bed can be used for new structures. They are both ideal for applications with frequently changing product dimensions or locations, as products can be placed anywhere in the carton flow bay without the need to change or move tracks.

All of these carton flow solutions offer simple installation due to the drop-in design. Reconfiguration is also easy because they can be picked up and moved by hand. 

These products are all backed by Unex’s seven-year platinum warranty. They offer heavy-duty construction, seamless rollability, and excellent lane tracking.

For more information on the storage solutions available from Redirack, visit the company website.


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