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Redirack Storage Systems was selected to manage the project’s safety requirements across all stakeholder groups to ensure that Würth Canada’s facility was installed with a safe and efficient system.

When Würth Canada moved from its head office in Mississauga, Ont., to a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Guelph, Ont., in 2014, the worldwide distributor of automotive, trucking and industrial products was faced with a challenge. Its new 73,558-square-foot warehouse had increased storage capacity, and it needed a solution that maximized both safety and efficiency. 

Safety compliance was a crucial concern in moving to the new facility. Würth Canada’s core product line includes adhesives, chemicals, electrical connectors, fasteners and industrial tools — fire and contamination prevention are of the highest importance. Redirack Storage Systems was selected to manage the project’s safety requirements across all stakeholder groups to ensure that Würth Canada’s facility was installed with a safe and efficient system.

Sprinklers and smoke baffles: Würth Canada required a fire prevention system to be installed on each of its storage levels. The challenge was to equip the facility with sprinklers separated by smoke baffle partitions to create manageable areas that could be monitored by smoke detectors. Redirack adjusted the orientation of the racking to accommodate the smoke baffle system and allow for the clearance of each sprinkler head.

Aerosol fence: The new facility also needed to be equipped with an effective contamination prevention partition. Forklifts operate on both sides of the barrier, meaning that Würth’s system needed to be flexible and damage resistant. Redirack addressed this requirement by equipping the facility with an aerosol fence, which separates two areas storing chemicals on one side and aerosols on the other. The system Redirack installed provides better ventilation than the alternative, so that airflow can occur between the two areas without allowing contamination to occur in the facility.

Safety netting: Würth Canada’s new facility is designed with a racking system that allows for forklift loading on one side and pedestrian picking on the other. Based on this arrangement, Redirack strongly recommended safety netting to protect against accidental pallet fall through into the picking aisles. Although safety netting was not a part of the initial design, this recommendation was integral to improving the safety and efficiency of the facility.

Carton flow track: Beyond satisfying safety requirements, Würth Canada intended to maximize storage density and picking efficiency. Redirack installed carton flow tracks to create a more efficient and economical pick and pack system in the new facility. This ergonomic system increased selectivity and quadrupled the number of SKUs that fit into the space. With one aisle dedicated to picking and another aisle meant for loading with forklifts, the carton flow track also helps ensure greater safety by separating the pedestrian picking lanes from the vehicle picking lanes.

Project management: The essential need for proper safety compliance in Würth Canada’s new facility meant that every project detail had to be carefully managed to code. Redirack owned the process from design to implementation to drive the end solution. Acting as the liaison between every group involved in the project, Redirack ensured satisfaction across all stakeholder requests, and made additional recommendations to improve safety and efficiency in the facility.


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