REDwire Recycle metalworking fluids efficiently with the Sump Shark

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The sump shark can separate solid waste from fluids for recycling.

Rotem Industrial Products offers an efficient and powerful solution for the recycling of industrial metalworking fluid: the CECOR Sump Shark. This high-suction sludge vac can be used during metalworking and industrial processes to remove a variety of fluids, including coolant, cutting fluids, metalworking fluids and more.

Sump Shark capabilities

The Sump Shark is capable of pumping fluids and solid waste out of tanks, pits, sumps and other reservoirs. It can even remove the heaviest sludges, eliminating the need for shoveling or manual cleaning. It is distinguished from other metalworking fluid recycling equipment by its unique filter, which is capable of separating solid waste from fluid so the fluid can be reused. This capability minimizes waste and can help achieve sustainability goals.

The Sump Shark is used in a range of applications in both industrial and commercial settings. It allows tanks to be cleaned much more quickly while reducing mess.

Source for fluid

Rotem is also an ideal source for many types of industrial fluids. The company maintains a large supply of fluids from leading manufacturers such as Master Chemical and ChemArrow. The selection includes coolant, lubricant, cleaning solutions, surface treatment additives, rust inhibitors, hydraulic fluids and grinding fluids. Since the company is Master Chemicals' largest distributor in Ontario, it can provide metalworking fluids of all kinds with same or next-day delivery.

More information

Rotem has experience providing fluid solutions for every manufacturing application, and also offers assistance in sump maintenance and cleaning. Visit the Rotem Industrial Products website for more information on the Sump Shark and the other products available for metalworking manufacturers.


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