REDwire Eight reasons to switch from an optical to a digital microscope

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Keyence offers the VHX Digital Microscope.

Digital microscopes from Keyence offer many advantages over optical varieties, making them an increasingly popular choice for inspection applications. There are eight main reasons many users are making the switch.

1. Large depth of field: The company's digital microscopes offer a depth of field that is at least 20 times larger than optical microscopes. This allows for accurate observation of targets, even those with a highly uneven surface, and helps to greatly reduce the time needed for focus adjustments.

2. Easy observation from any angle: These digital microscopes feature a variable-angle observation system, which eliminates blind spots on the target and achieves observation from 360-degree angles without having to tilt the target. 

3. User friendly: Digital varieties allow easy operation for everyone, and facilitate observation under optimal conditions by simply pressing a button. The VHX Digital Microscope from Keyence, for example, is equipped with a console containing only frequently used functions.

4. Simultaneous observation by multiple people: Magnified images are displayed onto a large, high-resolution monitor, enabling several people to observe and discuss the images at the same time.

5. Wide magnification range: Digital microscopes from Keyence can achieve a wide range of magnification, from 0.1x to 5000x. This allows the units to capture the whole sample, and also gives users the ability to get detailed analysis at low magnification. In addition, digital varieties typically offer various lighting methods, such as transmitted illumination, polarized illumination and differential interference observation, to help increase visibility.

6. Easy observation of an uneven surface: These digital microscopes can produce fully focused, three-dimensional images in two simple steps. This 3D measurement function allows for easy observation of the target’s surface shape. Measurement of height and depth are also possible.

7. Measurement of a target size: Keyence digital microscopes offer a wider range of real-time 2D and 3D measurement functions, with 13 modes in total, including distance, angle, radius and area, as well as profile, volume and more. They also provide automatic measurement of areas, and count the number of objects within the screen.

8. Saving images on-site: Observed images can be easily recorded on-site using an integrated, high-capacity 500 GB HDD. A high-speed filing system ensures fast, stress-free handling of a high volume of images. In addition, file names and more can be registered, allowing users to quickly search for and locate images.

To learn more about the benefits of its digital microscopes, contact Keyence, a leading global supplier of inspection equipment.


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