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Rosta self-tensioning motorbases keep friction belt drives working efficiently.

When choosing a suspension for friction belt drives, it’s important to take all factors into consideration. For example, if making only a superficial examination of the different options and looking for the lowest cost, traditional machine engineering solutions might seem like the best choice. However, there are many reasons why Rosta’s self-tensioning motor mounts are undeniably superior. Just three of the major advantages are increased energy savings, extended belt life and reduced maintenance costs.

Saving energy

Rigid motor suspensions demand regular inspection and belt re-tensioning to minimize belt slip. Research has shown many belt drives work with up to 10 per cent slip loss before a reduction in delivered torque is registered. As a result, rigid suspensions typically have an energy loss of five per cent. Over time, this energy loss adds up to a significant cost. Rosta motorbases, on the other hand, will continually compensate for belt slip and save energy.

Saving transmission belts

Friction belt drives are often used for driving large inertial masses. For instance, they are used to start up large flywheels for saws, pumps, presses and stamping machines. The startup of these large masses causes excessive stretching and early wear of belt sets. In contrast, Rosta motorbases deflect slightly at startup to make the process more gentle on belts, and then swivel back to the normal working position once the mass is in stable rotation. This capability can provide up to three-times longer belt service lives.

Saving maintenance costs

Another way that Rosta motorbases outshine the competition is when it comes to maintenance. Rigid motor suspensions have time-consuming maintenance processes that involve removing belt covers, checking tension, aligning pulleys, adjusting motor position, and performing test runs. Rosta motorbases are maintenance-free, so they can save both time and maintenance costs.

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