REDwire Five reasons to consider the SLT190 linear position transducer from Penny+Giles

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The SLT190 is a compact linear position transducer designed to provide reliable, fit-and-forget position sensing for arduous operating environments.

The SLT190 is a compact linear position transducer designed to provide reliable, fit-and-forget position sensing for the most arduous operating environments. From Penny+Giles and available through Durham Instruments, the SLT190 has been designed with 21st century applications in mind. 

There are many benefits to using this particular linear position transducer. The top five include:

  • Rugged mounting style. The patented operating principle of the SLT190 position transducer uses a core moving within the transducer body to supply the signal proportional to outer sleeve displacement. The outer sleeve design is captive, with the sleeve and transducer bodies both having a rugged M8 self aligning, stainless steel bearing included for simple installation. The M8 size allows the transducer to be mounted on an eight-mm mounting pin.
  • Separate signal conditioning. To minimize the transducer size and the impact on the overall system, separate signal conditioning electronics housed in rugged IP66 or IP68 rated enclosures are provided. The electronics module can be located up to 10 metres away from the transducer, well away from any hostile conditions (vibration, mechanical impact, temperature) that the position transducer may encounter during operation. 
  • Total reliability. The SLT190 provides a highly reliable solution for absolute position sensing in a variety of applications. The contactless operating principle (with no electrical sliding contacts) allows a fit-and-forget installation so that zero maintenance programs need to be incorporated within plant or equipment service schedules.
  • World-leading availability. The SLT190 has been designed for manufacture, enabling assembly in a state-of the-art manufacturing cell. 
  • Performance assured. Penny+Giles’ product development process includes exhaustive qualification testing to ensure that performance specifications published in its product brochures and technical data sheets are backed by real-life test evidence. The transducer can withstand operating temperatures from -40 to 150 degrees C, and has been tested to withstand shocks to 10,000g. With an EMC Immunity of 100V/m, this transducer is ready for the harshest applications, such as steel and aluminium plants and power generating stations. 

The SLT190 is available with 14 different strokes from 25 to 500 mm, and has a short body-to-stroke-length ratio. 

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