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No sensor manufacturer offers more styles and variations of temperature sensors than Minco.

No sensor manufacturer offers more styles and variations of temperature sensors than Minco. Here’s five reasons to consider making the company’s sensors part of your application:

1. Single source manufacturing: Minco builds sensors from start to finish. The company manufactures its own sensing elements, machines its own cases and fittings, and assembles finished parts, giving it complete control over product quality, plus flexibility in adapting designs to customer requirements. 

2. Custom design: Stock solutions aren’t always the best solutions. Minco has designed more than 7,000 custom sensors, each with unique features for better performance at a lower price. 

3. Quality: Minco sensors have proven their reliability in the most critical arenas. The space shuttle uses its RTDs, and so do nuclear plant safety systems, rocket motors, power generators, missiles and calibration labs. Quality comes first at Minco. Documented and audited procedures, continuous quality improvement goals, and employee involvement programs set a high standard throughout the company.

4. Large stock: From miniature bearing detectors to 50-foot averaging resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), for HVAC ducts to flexible Thermal-Ribbons, to heavy-duty probe assemblies, the company’s wide selection lets users choose the best model for their needs. Mod-Tronic is a Minco stocking distributor, and stocks more than 250 different types of Minco temperature sensors. Cut-to-length probes are one example. The company can take a probe from the shelf, trim it to the proper size, add fittings, connection head, transmitter and thermowell, and ship it to the customer overnight.

5. Proven performance: Minco has designed and manufactured RTDs for more than 60 years. The company has the capabilities and experience to put together a proven sensing solution at a cost-effective price for any application. 

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