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Strength and reliability are at your fingertips with the JC3000 single- and dual-axis fingertip joystick from Penny+Giles.

Strength and reliability are at your fingertips with the JC3000 single- and dual-axis fingertip joystick from Penny+Giles.

The joystick controller, available through Durham Instruments, is designed for demanding applications in remote control chestpacks or auxiliary functions on industrial vehicles and other man-machine interfaces, where precise control, signal reliability and compact size are important.

The top four features of the JC3000 are:

1. Innovative design

With a choice of potentiometer tracks that provide the analog signals proportional to lever movement, or up to five switched outputs per joystick half axis, the JC3000 can be configured to provide a range of output signals and directional/centre switching functions. Its low-profile below the mounting panel and short lever height above allows a number of joysticks to be mounted side by side without lever interference.

2. Total reliability

The JC3000 is manufactured using mainly cast metal components and includes lever mechanics designed to give smooth proportional control. The lever will withstand a 900N downward static load, with up to 20Nm maximum overload at full deflection. Long-life potentiometer tracks featuring multi-fingered precious metal wipers give low electrical noise and a working life greater than five million operations with zero maintenance during this period.

3. Potentiometric sensing

Designed to interface with an electronic controller, the long-life potentiometer track generates analog outputs with switched reference signals that are proportional to the distance and direction over which the handle is moved. The analog output can be configured to provide signals for fault detection circuits, and a centre tap provides an accurate voltage reference for the centre position or a zero point for a bipolar supply voltage. The electrically independent switch operates with separate contacts each side of the joystick centre position, in each available axis. The key advantages of this technology are its proportional output and the versatility it derives from its simplicity. It consists of a carbon-based potentiometer track with no complex circuitry or electronics, so it is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference or magnetic fields. However, as a contacting device it has a long, but finite life, and consideration should be given to applications subject to high intensity use or where high dither or vibration may be encountered.

4. Switched output

The JC3000 can also be supplied with switched tracks on each axis, with options for up to five switches either side of the centre position, in addition to a centre off switch. An option for mechanical detents is also available, where the switching positions coincide with the detents, allowing the operator to determine the angular position of the joystick lever easily. The switches operate sequentially as the joystick lever is moved from centre to the end stop in each axis.

For more information on the JC3000 single- and dual-axis fingertip joystick, contact Durham Instruments.


Durham Instruments

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