REDwire On-rail transfer cart efficiently moves heavy assemblies on demand

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This 20-ton rail-mounted, battery-powered transfer cart with integrated lift deck was the ideal solution for a heavy equipment manufacturer.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment (ELS) has earned a reputation for making difficult jobs seem easy. The Elmira, Ont.-based company has the expertise to tackle challenging applications and provide customers with a standard or custom overhead material lifting system that meets their needs on time and on budget. 

Case in point

One customer, a global leader in heavy equipment manufacturing, wanted to add a new production line and streamline its build assembly process, which involved moving assemblies, weighing up to 18 tons each, along a linear path. The company was looking for an easy and efficient way to move assemblies on demand, and ELS offered the best solution — a 20-ton rail-mounted, battery-powered transfer cart with integrated lift deck.

The cart has the capacity to carry the heavy assemblies, and it can do so along a 90-foot linear path that is unobstructed from traffic thanks to its floor-embedded rail design. The cart can also be positioned under a work table used for easy assembly placement. This combination of cart and table allows for the quick transfer to adjacent work cells along the rail path.

The cart has many additional features that made it an excellent choice for the customer. It has a hand-held pendant with a push button, which provides control for cart movement both forward and backward. A hand-held remote is used to lower the lift deck so it can be moved under the table, and raise the lift deck so it can be lifted off the floor several inches for travelling along the rail path. In addition, the lift table has an interlock to prevent the cart from moving if the lift deck is not in the fully raised or lowered position. Cable reels manage the lift deck AC power during deck lifting operations, and the on-board battery charger cable enables convenient recharging.

Additional details

While the on-rail transfer system was the best solution for this particular company, ELS offers a wide range of other cart options, including roll handling carts, steerable transfer carts and towed transfer carts.

For more information on how the company can meet your application’s needs, contact Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment.


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