REDwire Radiant panel heaters with many options are available from Process Heaters

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Radiant panel heaters provide even heating over a large surface area.

Radiant panel heaters are available from Process Heaters. These heaters feature rugged construction for high durability and life expectancies up to 25,000 hours. They also offer high energy efficiency, as up to 80 per cent of the radiant energy is transmitted to the process.

These heaters offer the advantage of allowing mounting in any direction, and feature resistance wire that is precision wound and carefully placed to offer uniform distribution of heat. They can be supplied with a full range of standard emitter face styles, sizes, ratings and watt densities.

Heater models and applications

Heater models are available with four different emitter face styles, including black quartz, black glass, high temperature ceramic glass and stainless steel.

This selection ensures there are panel heaters available to meet every need. For instance, heaters with a radiant surface made from high temperature ceramic glass are the perfect choice for applications where a cleanable surface is needed. One application example is the bottom heaters in a thermoforming oven. Also available are panel heaters with an emitter surface made of stainless steel with a black finish. They are suited to applications where additional durability is needed.

Other typical applications for these heaters include paint drying, heat setting, food processing, glass processing, film shrinking, textile drying and blister packaging.

Additional options

There are many additional options to choose from for the heater construction and built-in temperature sensors. For instance, the standard enclosure cases are made from aluminized steel. It is the best choice for most applications, since it can handle temperatures up to 650 degrees C (1200 degrees F). Construction in 304 stainless steel is also available for applications where cleanliness takes priority over maximum temperatures.

A number of temperature sensing options are also available, such as type K or J thermowells, mounted in various positions using clamps, compression fittings or bayonet fittings.

For more information on the products and options available, visit the Process Heaters website.


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