REDwire Quiz: which custom foam personality type are you?

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Protective packaging, medical devices, specialty foam pillows and mattresses are some of the types of popular customized foam products used daily worldwide.

Protective packaging, medical devices, specialty foam pillows and mattresses are some of the most popular types customized foam products enjoyed daily by millions of people worldwide.

Polyurethane components and materials are used to fabricate unique foam solutions for a diverse range of industries. Just as diverse are the individual preferences of the design, look and feel of how those foam products take shape.

What kind of custom foam personality do you have? You’re just one question away from finding out which custom foam solution may be right for your specific needs.

Which one of the following statements best describes your personality?

(a)  “I’m tough on the outside but a softie on the inside; I have thick skin so I don't let outside influences impact me.”

(b)  “I handle harsh situations easily by offering a sense of stability and diffusing heated moments.”

(c)  “I’m a very resilient person who can bounce back easily from life’s challenges.”

(d)  “I'm the proverbial outdoors person: I manage well in the open air even in demanding environmental conditions.”

If you chose (a) then go with Integral Skin

Integral Skin is the beneficial scenario having the best of both worlds: a robust exterior and a soft interior that capitalizes from soft-touch feel properties.

Because of this dual benefit, Integral Skin is an excellent choice for applications that involve continuous touch, including armrests, headrests, handles, seats, steering wheels and toys.

Using moulded micro cellular polyurethane, the external layer of Integral Skin is durable, flexible and tear-resistant, which can be adapted during the moulding process that varies from a supple soft texture to a more rigid feel.

If you chose (b) then Reaction Injection Moulding is your match

The major advantage of Reaction Injection Moulding (also known as RIM) is its high heat resistance and thermal insulation. RIM withstands harsh chemicals and solvents and also defies aging.

RIM is a type of polyurethane foam created with low temperatures, pressures and viscosity mixtures during the moulding process. RIM’s unique combination of properties makes it a better alternative to plastics, fiberglass and metal.

If you chose (c) then you’re a Gelfoam type of person

Embedded with soft touch component technology, Gelfoam is soft to the touch while remaining durable. Created from moulded self-skinning polyurethane means that the gel-like properties of Gelfoam provides a natural ‘bounce back’ returning gradually to its preexisting shape.

With limitless ergonomic-friendly designs and shock absorbing impact properties, Gelfoam also has a textured outer surface that is anti-static, non-conductive and non-porous.

If you chose (d) go hard or go home with Tuffskin

Tuffskin is the 'new vinyl' as the preferred go-to foam solution for the ultimate in durability and comfort.

Using a polyurethane elastomeric coating process, Tuffskin has superior environmental advantages over PVC materials, including longer lasting performance in aggressive industrial or outdoor atmospheres and temperatures.

Resistant to a wide range of solutions such as chemicals, microorganisms and even water, Tuffskin also endures much wear and tear while offering superior tensile strength, elasticity and elongation.

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