REDwire Quincy rotary screw compressors offer unmatched reliability

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NCA offers rotary screw compressors from Quincy.

NCA is proud to carry rotary screw compressors from industry leader Quincy. Known for their reliability, Quincy rotary screw compressors come with the industry’s strongest warranty — a 10-year airend warranty, and a five-year variable-speed drive, cooler, drive coupling, drive motor and air/fluid receiver warranty.

Quincy’s Royal Blue Warranty is free and comes standard on the company’s popular QSI, QGD and QGV models.


QSI premium industrial compressors feature airends with a standard 130,000-hour design, and with triplex bearings and a direct-driven lubricant pump. They are available in 20 to 350 horsepower, 243 to 1,500 cfm, 100 to 150 psig, and can be air or water cooled. These units can also come with the Quincy Power$ync, a unique design that gives the compressor the ability to function as both a base load machine and a part-load machine when the entire capacity of the compressor is not required.


QGD direct-drive compressors are designed to provide reliable compressed air under the most demanding conditions. They are available in 40- to 50-horsepower models, feature a rugged construction, and have a direct-drive airend design, industrial-grade enclosure, as well as simple, intuitive controls. They are also easy to maintain.


QGV variable-speed compressors provide the most stable pressure available from a compressor — with 85 per cent turndown. They are available in 20- to 200-horsepower models, with 82 to 982 cfm and 75 to 150 psig. These units feature a direct-drive airend with a 100,000-hour design, as well as real-time performance monitoring, which includes graphical analysis and full-color, touchscreen control. The many benefits of this machine include low cost of ownership, easy maintenance and reliable operation.

Additional models

NCA also carries Quincy’s QGS belt-drive compressors in five- to 100-horsepower models, the user-friendly QSB and QST 15- to 50-horsepower belt-drive compressors, and QSLP 10- to 200-horsepower low-pressure compressors.

To learn more about the wide selection and unmatched reliability of Quincy rotary screw compressors, contact NCA.


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