REDwire Quartz heaters offer exceptional corrosion resistance against aggressive chemicals

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Quartz sheathed heaters are available from Process Heaters.

The QM Series of Quartz sheathed heaters from Process Technology is available in Canada from Process Heaters. These units offer excellent resistance to corrosion, making them a top choice for applications exposed to harsh chemicals.

Heater features

QM Series heaters feature metal elements and offer resistance to aggressive chemicals. They are suitable for use in most pickling tanks and aqueous acidic plating solutions.

The complete assembly consists of a heavy wall quartz sheath, metal element and polypropylene guards. This design allows the heating element to be replaced without replacing the sheath. The polypropylene guards include terminal enclosures that are vapour-resistant and flame-retardant.

These feature rugged construction, long life and outstanding performance. They offer watt densities as high as 25 watts per square inch. These heaters are available in models of many sizes ranging from 500 watts up to 10,000 watts, with voltages from 120 volts to 600 volts. For added safety, the heaters have grounded internal metal elements and built-in thermal protectors. These heaters are cULus listed.

Special options

There are also a number of options available such as special lengths and configurations, three phase elements, and various replaceable thermal protectors. In addition, PTFE guards are available for applications involving chromic acid or solutions over 82 degrees C (180 degrees F). For working with highly viscous solutions, these heaters can be provided with lower watt densities. Lastly, level and temperature controls are available that are sized to match the heater.

More information

A variety of other corrosion-resistant heaters are available from Process Heaters, including metal sheathed and fluoropolymer sheathed varieties. For more information on the products available, visit the Process Heaters website.


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