REDwire Quarter-turn actuator meets process automation needs

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DFPD Series actuators are compact and available in both single- and double-acting versions.

Festo’s new DFPD quarter-turn actuator series is ideal for a wide range of applications and operating conditions in process automation thanks to its modular and flexible design. And, with each model boasting excellent corrosion resistance, these versatile actuators are suitable for use in the chemical, biotech, pharma, water, wastewater and beverage industries.

DFPD features and options

DFPD Series actuators are compact and available in both single- and double-acting versions. Both feature a rack and pinion combination with a constant torque characteristic across the entire swivel range. Thanks to the actuator’s optimized spring design, it can be configured in increments of 0.5 bar (seven PSI). Different spring combinations allow it to achieve precise operating pressure requirements between two and six bar.

The basic model is capable of operating in temperatures between -20 and 80 degrees C; however, a low temperature model suitable for operating conditions between -50 and 60 degrees C, and a high temperature model for temperatures between zero and 150 degrees C, are also available. Additional options include epoxy-coated, NPT thread and 180-degree swivel angle versions.

DFPD actuators can be paired with ball valves, butterfly and shutoff valves. Festo also offers a complete range of complementary controllers and solenoid valves to provide customers with a complete DFPD solution with either analog or digital positioning control — whichever best suits the application.

Leader in innovation

DFPD actuators join Festo’s lineup of innovative pneumatic and electric drive technology for industrial and process automation applications. As the global leader in automation technology, Festo offers the ideal solution from its extensive lineup, whether you’re looking for individual products or ready-to-install solutions. And, with 17,800 employees worldwide in 61 national companies, Festo is well-positioned to provide its customers with superior service and support.

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