REDwire QuantumX MX1615 16-channel Bridge Amplifier takes the stress out of stress analysis

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Our QuantumX MX1615 16-channel Bridge Amplifier is one of our many types of stress analysis devices that matches our commitment to peak performance.

Delivering consistent, exacting specifications for our customers’ maximum satisfaction is why at Durham Instruments we carry products that measure and service that measures up.

We also outrival the competition with high quality electronic instrumentation excellence: our QuantumX MX1615 16-channel Bridge Amplifier is one of our many types of stress analysis devices that matches our commitment to peak performance.

Why the QuantumX MX1615 is an ideal strain gauge bridge amplifier for your electrical application

Strain gauge bridge amplifiers such as the MX1615 are critical in boosting signal levels for acutely precise measurements of strain for applications in experimental stress analysis. Because the output signal produced by strain gauge bridges are minimal, amplification is necessary to ensure exact, electrical analyses.

Whether your amplifier applications include static load or quasi-dynamic fatigue tests, monitoring tasks, material testing or even road load data acquisition, the value-added benefits our MX1615 brings to the table is no match for even the most rigorous electrical application.

De-stress your stress analysis applications with our MX1615 strain gauge bridge amplifier

Pure versatility: Offering unrivalled channel density with full integration into modular data acquisitions systems, our MX1615 is designed for +/-10 V voltage signals and Pt100 connection, with all channels supporting TEDs, as well as high flexibility through individual configuration of universal inputs.

Distinct exclusivity: MX1615 provides exceptional 4-, 5- and 6-wire circuit-based patented technology using carrier frequency methods and cyclical auto-adjustment on all channels.

Electrical resiliency: All of these features make the amplifier particularly rugged and insensitive to electromagnetic and thermal interference resulting from converters, electric machines, high currents or temperature effects.

Extensive capability: Long distances to the measuring point are covered. Ethernet TCP/IP allows for easy integration of the MX1615 and usage close to the measuring point to obtain the shortest possible length of sensor lines.

The QuantumX MX1615 isn’t finished with your electrical application yet

From low installations costs through short sensor lines, to operating in a wide range of ambient temperatures (- 20°C to 65°C), the MX1615 also offers high accuracy by using patented circuits insensitive to interference effects. Because of this, our MX1615 excels in the analysis of static and dynamic systems because of individually configurable measurement rates of up to 19.2 kHz/channel.

Bundled with comprehensive software packages such as LabVIEW™ driver, .NET, CANape drivers and web server, the MX1615 strain gauge bridge amplifier is also is equipped with a powerful and easy-to-use catman®AP measurement software for data acquisition, visualization and analysis.

With fast calibration of transducers or validation through the internal shunt connection, the freely scalable system solution of our MX1615 is easily expandable with all modules from the QuantumX series.

Discover why we’re a breath of fresh air in the world of measurement instrumentation for nearly four decades. With offices in Pickering, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec and Abbotsford, British Columbia, Durham Instruments is delivering tomorrow’s electronic instrumentation solutions today.

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