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Vibra Finish offers a range of quality compounds.

Vibra Finish offers a wide selection of environmentally friendly compounds that, for more than 40 years now, have given its customers the best results possible. This is because the Mississauga, Ont.-based company takes great care in ensuring its compounds are blended using only the highest quality ingredients and the strictest quality control procedures.

A commitment to quality

By their very nature, finishing compounds play a role in quality. They keep the surface of the media and the parts clean, and help ensure a consistent process — the key to consistent quality. Therefore, it’s essential that compounds, themselves, are high quality. 

Vibra Finish is committed to this effort. It tests all of its custom blended products in its production finishing facilities and sample parts processing laboratory before making them available to customers. This means customers can be sure that when they select a Vibra-Glo compound, they are receiving a quality product. And this commitment to quality is ongoing, as the company always makes sure it’s on the leading edge. 

“We are continually developing and testing new products to meet our changing environment,” the company explains.

Compound selection

Vibra Finish offers a range of quality compounds. Its selection includes liquid alkaline cleaners, acidic burnishing compounds, washing compounds, rust inhibitors, and powdered cleaning and abrasive compounds. 

How do you know which compound is right for your application? The choice depends on the material to be treated, the desired surface finish and the individual application and process requirements, the company explains.

Liquid compounds are most widely used because they can be metered at the correct dilution rate using an automatic compound dispensing system. However, powder compounds are recommended for certain applications.

An industry expert

Whatever the requirements, Vibra Finish is committed to making sure its customers receive a quality product at a competitive price in a timely manner. To learn more about its lineup of environmentally friendly compounds, and which solution is best for your application, contact Vibra Finish


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